[Virtual Courses]

- All courses  comprise of 90 minute online class  followed by assignments and post class review sessions
- Cost : $130 / person 
- Courses are offered on demand basis to individuals and groups

Following course topics are offered :-
 * Photography 101 : A class for basic photography skills  
 * Camera settings 101 : A beginner class for getting comfortable with camera settings 
 * Composition Guidelines and Patterns for Landscape and Adventure Photography
 * Post processing 101 

Mountain Photography Workshop  (Sep 2020) 
[ coming soon Fall 2021 offering] 
Build up and improve your photography skills to capture story telling images for your climbing or backcountry outings. The workshop is intended for folks with photography skill levels from beginners to intermediate.

Three virtual class room sessions and a weekend backpack in Washington Cascades. 

Workshop Schedule:
Virtual classroom session # 1  ( Tue Sept 22nd  6pm-8pm)
Topics :-
-Camera Skills 101
-Understanding Gear
-Planning, gear selection and racking up
Virtual classroom session # 2  ( Thu Sept 24nd  6pm-8pm)
Topics :-
-Composition and patterns for landscape and outdoors
-Capturing shots in different circumstances
Weekend overnight backpack and outdoor sessions ( Sat Sept 26th-27th)
Location (TBD) :  Backcountry at Mt. Rainer or Mt. Adams
Topics : 
-Multiple sessions  with assignments to practice photography in different scenarios including low light, night photography, action shots and more.
Virtual classroom session # 3  ( Wed Sept 30th  6pm-8pm)
Topics :-
-Image post processing
-Workshop retrospective and work review

Cost: $350/person   (max class size of 6)
Participating  Requirements: 
Participants are required to bring there own camera gear and back packing gear. Cost does not including traveling and food. 
Due to COVID-19 necessary precaution and measures will be taken.
A crash course in candid family shots
Get to learn basics photography skills, camera controls and understanding light.  Get familiar with photo composition and common patterns. The next thing is how to plan and execute a candid family shoot using best known methods.
A four hour mini course consisting of both lecture and hand on exercise sessions. Post class exercises, discussions and image critique .

This class is offered on demand basis for a group size 3 to 5 students.  Bring your group, ask to join a group or contact for  individual session. Class fee is $125 ( 3 to 4 students) or $100 (5 students). Fee for individual sessions varies. 
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